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Hello there, I'm

Zane Van Rooyen

Brand & Messaging Specialist | Product Marketer | Product Manager

I'm here to develop a clear understanding of your target audience, position your brand in the market using market insights, improve product messaging and communication, conduct market research and analytics, measure and optimise marketing performance and drive growth, improve customer satisfaction and build a strong brand in the market. 

Wow, that's a big statement, hope you took a breath.

Let me show you how.

This is an image of Zane Van Rooyen a proffesional product marketing strategist

         Define        Ideate           Communicate           Measure

Zane Van Rooyen - Define.png
Zane Van Rooyen - Communicate.png
Zane Van Rooyen - Measure.png
Zane Van Rooyen - Ideate.png

This is my 4-step methodology which I follow specifically to research, discover, plan, execute and measure campaigns and brand market health from launch to success.

Full end-to end. Then start again.

This image is an infographic of a methodology created by Zane Van Rooyen to show the process of a full end to end product marketing strategy. This flow is as follows. Define, Ideate, Communicate, Measure.

What I do as a B2B and/or B2C Marketer

1. marketing strategies.png

Creating Marketing Strategies 

My specialty lies in creating and executing comprehensive B2B marketing strategies including planning and implementing targeted marketing campaigns - both to customer marketing and integration partners.

Expanding Customer Bases

By combining my strategic thinking with a grasp of customer needs and industry trends, I consistently achieve results in expanding customer bases and nurturing strong client relationships.

Develop Marketing Collateral 

I develop marketing collateral that effectively communicates your value proposition. From brochures, case studies, presentations, blogs to eBooks and more; that convey complex technical concepts in a compelling manner.

4. Collaboration marketing and sale.png

Close Collaboration

Close collaboration between marketing and sales, ensures that marketing activities and sales objectives are aligned resulting in lead generation, nurturing and conversion strategies throughout the sales funnel.

Execute Digital Marketing Tactics

I implement goal focused tactics including email marketing, content marketing, search engine marketing, and social media advertising to boost brand awareness and generate high-quality leads.

Track, Monitor & Measure

As a data-driven marketer, I use analytics tools to monitor and measure campaign effectiveness, analyze KPI's, and generate valuable insights and recommendations.

My Playground

I position at the intersection between your product development, sales, customer success and marketing teams and make it my business to provide them with market insights, customer feedback, marketing and sales enablement tools and talk-track / messaging in order to create a market fit that is uniquely and unitedly ours.

Every touch-point from sales conversations to marketing campaigns and customer interactions become our benchmark to messaging excellence. 

This is an infographic showing that product marketing sits in the intersection between product, sales, marketing and customer experience.

You can find me on these platforms

Zane Van Rooyen LinkedIn.png
Zane Van Rooyen Whatsapp link.png
Talking Points 1.png

Blogs & Publications

Here are some of my featured blogs and articles

Mainly related to automation technology within the manufacture, wholesaling and distribution industries. 

9 Ways to rebuild business
Post-Pandemic Future
Embrace the digital shift
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Industry Thermometer
B2B Sales strategies
How SMEs can cushion the blow
Industry Thermometer findings
Poor quality customer data may be costing your business

Tech Stack & Tools


LinkedIn Peer Reviews

Zane is an exceptional product marketer with remarkable planning, delivery, and stakeholder management skills.

He combines creativity, passion, experience, and analytical thinking to showcase his professionalism whist being an inspiring leader who prioritizes solutions, drives quality work, and leads by example.

As a talented and dedicated professional, he exceeds expectations and brings valuable experience and strong work ethics to any project.

Zane excels in communication and collaboration, making him a great team player.


Catherine Naude

Sales Exec

I had the privilege of having Zane Van Rooyen reporting into me at my last company and I cannot recommend him highly enough! He is an incredible people manager (better than me!) and 🤘 rockstar product marketer who knows the SaaS / tech space intimately.


Director of Marketing

Julian Dias

Working with Zane for well over 3 years has been an absolute pleasure! His attention to detail has stood him in good stead when it comes to brand, product design and user experience.


Zane is able to conceptualise, create, design and project manage the building of mobile products, as well as to execute the product launch, taking mobile product to market via traditional or digital means. His understanding of the MNO and VAS space is deeply embedded with lots of strategic lessons and key metrics learnt.



Samantha McMurtrie

Zane is one of the most accomplished and experienced product marketers I know. His ability to plan, structure and deliver to multiple stakeholders consistently is astounding.

His talent for mixing his creativity, enthusiasm, experience, and an astute analytical mind has established a sound product marketing framework and function within Skynamo.

He is an inspiring leader that gets involved, is solution orientated and leads by example ensuring that quality, relevant work is delivered by him and his team to the global team



Head of Marketing

Pam Rivkind

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