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Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics Elements
Mining the customer usage database, company database and competitor intelligence data within your CRM is vital. This involves conducting market research, gathering data, and analyzing customer insights to understand their needs, preferences, and pain points. Through analysis, you gain valuable information that informs your product marketing strategy and decision-making process.
It also affords you the ability to identify business and product growth opportunities.

Pain Points and Needs 2021 SA half year image.jpg

Identifyling Target market Pain Points & Needs 
Working closely with the Sales Team and CRM Team tracking discovery conversations to determine customer needs also keeps track of industry shifts and confirms your product-market fit. I am able to obtain a wealth of information from these easy to obtain data sets.

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Customer & Industry Health Measure 
Investigating your customer usage and behavioral data affords insights into vital market shifts and identifies customer/industry segments which leads to being able to measure total accessible markets within each.

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