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Hey there!
I'm a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in the exciting world of digital product & marketing. Throughout my career, I've had the pleasure of developing and implementing effective strategies to bring products to market, empowering sales teams, conducting valuable customer and market research, and crafting engaging content marketing campaigns. I've also built lead generation systems for SaaS products, which has been quite the adventure starting b
ack in the 2000s, with IMM and later expanded my knowledge through digital marketing studies at USB and Red & Yellow.
Over the years, I've held various roles, including product marketer, product manager, and digital marketing manager at three international companies. In these positions, I've successfully launched new products and features, managed pricing and packaging, and used product performance data to fuel growth-oriented plans.

If you're looking for someone who knows their way around the SaaS space and can bring a friendly and approachable touch to professional interactions, I'm your person. Let's connect and see how we can make things happen together!

Skills Positioning 

Skills Positioning.png

End-to end through flow of skills

Having been fortunate enough to have held positions in top SaaS companies in all 3 of these focused roles, my understanding extends from full end to end flow, to ideation, through concept to market fit and marketing.

I know too well the importance of close collaboration across these roles especially considering where they overlap.

Go to Market Strategy. Define industries to understand product-market fit: Analyse existing customer base, Break down total accessible market rates, Inventory use cases, Look at top accounts by industry/market group, Look at future requests and closed- lost deals & reasons. Market Research: Look at inside and outside activities, Customer & company interviews for trends, Analyse major firms plus "niche" competitors looking at their messaging & offerings, Plan cadence of review and refresh. Develop Strategy & Messaging: Orient around use cases and solutions, Differentiate and define needs verses objectives, Customer value and outcomes as core, Understand the terminology. Build & Implement GTM plan: Bring together the team of cross-functional stakeholders; product, marketing, customer success, channel, sales. Create materials deck; customer deck, collateral, training/enablement tools and assets, feedback loop with the product team. Make this a continuous cadence of refresh and comms.

My Take on the Product Marketing Ecosystem

Product Marketing Analytics. Customer Database. Company Database. Track, Measure & Report

Product Marketing Performance Measurements

Depending on current business objectives, some measurement elements are weighted higher than others across various businesses and industries. It is, however, importance to track and measure the impact of product marketing on as many of these elements to ensure informed - next step - decisions.

Lead Generation:

  • KPI: Increase in qualified leads generated.

Customer Retention:

  • KPI: Customer retention rate and repeat purchase rate.


  • KPI: Product adoption rate and feature usage.

Brand Awareness:

  • KPI: Increase in brand recognition and recall.

Thought Leadership:

  • KPI: Thought leadership recognition and industry influence.

Sales Funnel:

  • KPI: Conversion rate at each stage of the sales funnel.


  • KPI: Average resolution time and customer satisfaction scores.

Customer Success Management (CSM) Team:

  • KPI: Customer retention and expansion metrics.

Competitive Analysis:

  • KPI: Market share and competitive positioning.

Content Engagement:

  • KPI: Content consumption and engagement metrics.

Enablement Tools:

  • KPI: Adoption and usage of sales enablement tools.

User Experience (UX):

  • KPI: User engagement metrics and customer feedback.

Sales Team:

  • KPI: Sales revenue and win rate.

Market Penetration:

  • KPI: Expansion into new target markets or customer segments.

Marketing ROI:

  • KPI: Return on Investment (ROI) from marketing activities.

Partner Relationships:

  • KPI: Partner satisfaction and collaboration effectiveness.

Customer Advocacy:

  • KPI: Net Promoter Score (NPS) and customer referrals.

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