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Fractional / Contract CMO / Marketing Consultant

For the SME or Startup who needs a marketing booster but is just not ready to take on a full time CMO,
I will assist with all or part of the below, depending on your needs at hourly, daily or weekly rates that suit your budgets.

3 Month Marketing Plan

Aligned with your company objectives and key results goals for the year and coming quarter, here's what I'll set up with you.

Client Personas

- Creating detailed fictional profiles
  of your ideal customers.

- Defining key characteristics such
  as age, gender, job title, interests,
  and pain points.

- Incorporating behaviour patterns
   and preferences to understand
  how these personas make
  purchasing decisions. 


- Grouping your audience into
   distinct segments based on
  shared characteristics.

- Tailoring marketing strategies and
g to each segment to
   increase relevancy and

Market Research Zane Van Rooyen.png

& Analytics

Competitive Analytics

- Identifying and studying
   competitors in the same market
  or industry.

- Analysing competitor strengths
  and weaknesses, including their
   products, marketing strategies
  and market share.

- Evaluating the competitive
   landscape to find opportunities
  for differentiation and marketing

Marketing Research

- Gathering data and information
  about the industry, market trends,
  and customer preferences.​

- Collecting and analysing data on
  market size, growth potential, and
  customer demographics.

- Conducting surveys, interviews,
   and using data sources to gain
  insights into the market.

Marketing Strategy

- Create a comprehensive
   marketing strategy tailored to
  goals and target market.

- Define key performance indicators
  (KPI's) to measure success.

Product Positioning

- Value proposition.


Marketing Strategy Zane Van Rooyen.png


Product Launch Strategy

- Plan and execute product launches, including
   pre-launch, launch, and post-launch activities.

- Coordinate launch events and promotions.

Influencer Marketing

- Identify relevant influencers in your client's industry.

- Collaborate with influencers for product
  endorsements and reviews.

Product Launch & Promotion Zane Van Rooyen.png

ch & Promotion

Content Strategy

- Create Multi Channel Framework.

- Value over Product.

- Client Centric approach.

- Content calendar for consistency.

Messaging and Copywriting

- Craft persuasive messaging and
   compelling copy for marketing
   materials, websites and

- Ensure consistency in brand voice
   and messaging.

- Compile lead magnet cornerstone
   and building block content for the
  quarter aligned to strategy.

Content & Messaging Zane Van Rooyen.png

Content & Messaging

Website Optimization

- Analyse and optimise your
  website for user experience and

- Implement necessary changes to
   improve website performance.

Social Media Strategy

- Develop a social media strategy
  and content calendar.

- Manage and create content for
  social media platforms to engage
  the audience.

Paid Advertising

- Create and manage advertising
   campaigns on platforms like
  Google Ads, Meda Ads and

- Optimise ad performance for
   maximum ROI.

Digital Marketing Zane Van Rooyen.png


Analytics & Reporting

- Set up data tracking and analytics tools.

- Provide regular reports and insights on marketing
  campaigns performance.

A/B Testing and Optimisation

- Continuously optimize marketing strategies based on
   A/B testing results.

- Suggest improvements and adjustments as needed.

Data Analytics & Reporting Zane Van Rooyen.png

Analytics & Reporting

Knowledge Transfer

- Train your in-house team on marketing best

- Share industry insights and updates to keep them

- Create Sales Enablement tools and collateral.

- Design and launch customer facing knowledge base.

Training & Knowledge Transfer Zane Van Rooyen.png

Training & Knowledge Transfer

Budget Planning

- Allocate your marketing budget effectively.

- Ensure that resources are used efficiently for the best

Vendor & Partner Management

- Oversee relationships with external vendors, referral
   partners, or freelancers involved in marketing

- Ensure quality and timely delivery of services.

Budget Management & Resource Allocation.png

Budget Management
& Resource Allocation

"failing to plan is planning to fail"
- Winston Churchill
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